Download the inspection certificate and see the computer diagnosis result

Please fill in the reference number of the inspection certificate in the box below, and click the download button.
The reference number is on the actual certificate. Please have it ready in front of you and fill in. Downloading is free of charge.
Here is how to search.

* Goo KANTEI inspection service in Malaysia ended in October 2018. Downloading and inquiry of inspection results are not currently supported.
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About the inspection certificate & the computer diagnosis result

What is the inspection certificate

Here is the digital version (PDF) of the paper inspection certificate that we gave you.

What is Computer Diagnosis?

The diagnosis will access and read the information on the computer controlling the engine called ECU (engine control unit) of the vehicle.
It can detect abnormalities that could potentially stay inside the vehicle, those that cannot be easily found with visual diagnosis by a person.

Explanation of icons for the results of the computer diagnosis

no errors

As a result of the computer diagnosis, the icon appears to tell that there is no abnormality on its engine.

no check

The icon appears to tell that there has been no computer diagnosis.

How to search.

Check the reference number of the diagnosis certificate you want to search and the chassis number

When downloading the diagnosis certificate, you need ‘Reference Number’ and ‘Chassis Number’ stated on the certificate. Please have the certificate you want to download ready.

What is Reference Number?

It is the character string written on the top right hand side of each certificate.

What is Chassis Number?

It is the character string written in the vehicle information part on each certificate.

Reference number
*The data format you download is on PDF.
*To read the PDF file, you need tools like Adobe(R) Reader(R) installed.
If you do not have it installed on your PC, please download from the website below, and install it to use it.
Download Adobe(R) Reader(R) (free of charge)