About a repair history

Repair histories that we often hear

The repair history means the automobile frame was damaged by a traffic accident and other disaster or the repair was performed on it and the value of the car is highly likely to decrease.

What is the skeleton?

If we use the word for human body, it is a bone. The car repair history means the same as the condition that the bone was broken, cracked, treated and healed completely.
The condition of the frame is stated as damaged (No repair is performed.), repaired ( There are traces of the repair to the damaged parts) and exchange ( There are traces of exchanging the damaged parts.)

Definition of a repair history

JAAA performs evaluation based on Japan automobile appraisal association foundation.

Name of the skeleton’s parts


Repair history little/some/ heavy

JAAA uniquely defines how much the vehicle body of which car has a repair history was given shock and evaluates it as “little”, “some” and “heavy”.
※The evaluation of “little”, “some” and “heavy” are just checked by Grading Masters through their eyes and we don’t guarantee the function and running performance.