About the quality of inspection

To realize a fair trade without Information gap

The quality inspection certificate is the one that the quality inspection was performed and its details was written on it.
Even persons new to cars can understand the present used car condition easily so there will no Information gap to arise for both dealers and purchasing customers. There is no information that only either party knows so customers can decide whether to purchase a car under a fair and open information disclosure. We think this high transparency brings vitality to the used car industry.

From inspection (checking used cars condition) to the information disclosure

1 Visit dealersGrading Master visits dealers that “quality inspection” is introduced.
2 inspectionCheck the quality of exterior,interior, frame and engine and input it into a tablet for evaluation.
3 Explain the vehicle conditionExplain the used car condition to dealers
4 Check the vehicle data consistencyCheck the data consistency that Grading Master fed into the tablet
5 Deliver the quality inspection dataDeliver inspection certificates and condition check sheets to dealers
6 Disclosure of informationPrint inspection certificates and condition check sheets and disclose them to customers in a dealer shop

What is Grading Master who performs the quality evaluation and the JAAA committee to support Grading Master?

Inspector of JAAA

To enhance the information accuracy, JAAA original qualification system and used car inspector qualification of Japan automobile appraisal association foundation must be obtained to be JAAA Grading Master. Also, this industry is continuing to evolve so they keep sharing the knowledge after they obtained the qualification. The JAAA committee plays a central role in performing various approaches to keep providing useful information with customers plainly like brushing up the evaluation standard as well as managing the quality of Grading Master nationwide.

The JAAA committee

The JAAA committee consists of the members whose knowledge, experiences and skills excel among Grading Masters.
We introduce the examples of approaches that the JAAA committee takes.

  • Tally and analyze each Grading Master’s diagnosis result
  • Personal coaching
  • Hold workshops to improve skills and perform a periodical Grading Master test
  • Brush up the evaluation standard