Our vision
Provide more peace of mind and options to select used cars. To be open about the quality and value information.
We established JAAA to make the system and environment to provide the accurate quality and value information of used cars with customers and dealers.

Peace of mind before buying used cars.

One of the product characteristics of used cars is that the quality and value of them differs depending on a car.
We have our Grading Master who has JAAA qualification diagnosis and evaluate each car of which quality and
value differs depending on a car and issue JAAA certificate.

Stay to be a neutral position

We are neutral third and isn’t bias on either party viewpoint for
the used car industry and customers.

As a supporting company in the used car distribution industry

We support the used car distribution industry as an independent organization by
disclosing the used car condition information.


We never disclose the certain information that puts the certain persons
on a superior position from objective and expert viewpoints.