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I purchased a vehicle with an inspection certificate but the scratches stand out more than expected. How does your company perform evaluation?

JAAA adopts an evaluation standard for each part’s damage and its size considering a customer and professional viewpoint. But the standard for the interior and exterior are subjectively judged so it’s an everlasting theme to set a convincing evaluation standard. If you selected the cars that you’d like to purchase, please see them so that you can be satisfied with them.
→About how to use the inspection certificate and condition check sheet

I ride the vehicle said that there was no repair history but I have a dealer checked the car and they said there was a repair history. What should I do?

First of all, please check with dealers.
→Click here about the repair history.

The vehicle that I'm considering purchasing does not have the certificate so would it be possible to have it appraised?

We ask our dealers to explain the vehicle condition after inspection so we decline inspection the vehicle at present except for dealers that “the quality inspection” is introduced. Could you have a chance to look for the dealer that introduces “the quality inspection” if you wish to have vehicles with inspection?